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Why You Need To Care About The LinkedIn Algorithm 2018

Why You Need to Care About the LinkedIn Algorithm 2018

With 500 million LinkedIn members, this social network is certainly the most important one for business leaders, professional types and those looking for networking opportunities.

Because of the audience, LinkedIn offers you some promising openings when it comes to online marketing.

Yet, like other social media networks, you want to learn about the LinkedIn algorithm and how to get your posts in the feeds of your target market.

In this article, we look at why you need to care about the LinkedIn Algorithm 2018 and how to put these new features to work for you. 

How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works

Note that the LinkedIn algorithm consists of four stages that determine the reach of your posts. 

Phase one involves the assignment of your post into categories. It doesn’t matter if it’s text or an image. A bot decides if it’s spam, low quality or clear.

You definitely don’t want to fall in the spam category. Clear is the best, but all is not lost with low quality. Your post won’t get much traction, though.

Phase two involves measuring reactions. Your post is left on the network to see how people react to it. LinkedIn will show it to a select group of people in your network.

They then gauge the reaction of this group and use this to decide how to classify your post. The number of likes, shares and comments matters.

If people report your post as spam or hide your post, that’s a negative signal to LinkedIn. Publishing only content that matters to your audience is very important.

The third phase involves LinkedIn evaluating the quality of your content. The platform is looking for credibility and relevance. 

Finally, step four includes an evaluation by real people. The machines sit on sidelines for this phase where LinkedIn editors evaluate the content.

They are looking at the overall value of your post.

It’s worth noting that these four phases of the algorithm don’t always happen in order. Posts can be downgraded and upgraded back and forth as you get more likes, comments and shares. 

Now, let’s look at how to work around the LinkedIn algorithm. 

Know What LinkedIn is Looking For

Your first step in beating the algorithm is knowing what LinkedIn finds acceptable in your feed. The focus of the platform is the professional world, so you want to above all be professional.

This is not the platform for animated GIFs, photos of your cat and multiple emojis. Follow these basic guidelines for content:

  • It should be of value to someone’s career or business.
  • The content should offer a tip about business or careers.
  • It might be inspirational about work.
  • The content should be credible and reliable.
  • It should match your industry.

You also want to ensure that your post is relevant to your audience. LinkedIn looks at the profiles of people in your network. Appeal to these folks, and your posts get more traction.

Build Your Audience

To appeal to your target audience, you first have to have one, so you want to build your business page.

Here are some best practices:

  • Fill out your company page completely.
  • Begin adding connections you think might be interested in your content.
  • Ask your employees to list your business on their pages and have them join your network.
  • Follow other people.
  • Participate in LinkedIn Groups or host your own.
  • Give recommendations.
  • Join conversations.
  • Promote your LinkedIn page on your website, in your emails, on business cards and more.
  • Share others’ post so hopefully they will share yours.

Optimize Your Content

Engage your audience. Relate to them. Offer them something of value.

When creating LinkedIn content to beat the algorithm, you want to optimize your content for engagement and quality.

Final Thoughts

As one final tip for getting around the algorithm is to use LinkedIn Publisher.

You can bet that the platform itself is publishing posts from their Publisher tool, so it’s a good idea for your business, too.

This tool allows you to publish as an individual author. You and any of your employees can write blog posts and share them to your network.

These show in the feed of your connections and followers.

Follow these tips for the LinkedIn algorithm, and you’ll find that this platform can be an integral part of your online marketing strategy. 

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Image: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash