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What You Need To Know About Facebook’s Clear History Tool

What You Need To Know About Facebook’s Clear History Tool

Have you ever wished you could clear your Facebook history? Well, now you can.

Under increasing pressure because of their privacy scandal (the Cambridge Analytica scandal), Facebook made a goal in 2019 to be more transparent with your data. Your privacy is of their utmost concern moving forward because their future depends on it.

Because of this, Facebook has developed a Clear History tool.  This means you can actually get rid of things on Facebook.

While it isn’t available in all countries quite yet, it will be soon.

To help you, here’s what you need to know about Facebook’s Clear History tool. 

What is the Clear History Tool?

To understand this tool, let’s consider your web browsing history in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and others.

In web browsers, you have the ability to clear your cookies and delete your browsing history. Facebook is now offering something similar.

Through Facebook, you can clear your browsing history. This means advertisers can’t see what you’ve clicked on or what websites you’ve visited.

This is the off-Facebook activity setting, and you can use it to see the sites and apps you’ve interacted with and then clear all this information from your account.

Ultimately, you disassociate all of the data Facebook collects about you from your profile. You can look at the summary and decide who can track you for ad-targeting. Or, you can  even block sites and apps from sending tracking data to Facebook.

Does this mean Facebook is removing all of your data from its servers? So far, experts don’t think so. They think it will just be disassociated from you.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

If you advertise on Facebook, it could mean quite a lot.

For Facebook marketers, you may find it difficult when using ad targeting. If users can disconnect their off-Facebook activity from their profile, Facebook can no longer use that data for ad targeting.

This will affect the Facebook pixel, and your target options will diminish. This means Facebook marketers will have to get creative with ad strategies.

The website-based re-targeting options through Facebook are very effective, you will see a drop here if your users are deleting their history.

You may not be able to show follow campaigns after your Facebook users have visited a landing page or abandoned a cart. Why? Because you will no longer have access to that information.

When it comes to measurement and analytics reports, Facebook doesn’t think there will be changes because they aren’t deleting off-Facebook activity, just making it anonymous. So, you’ll still have access to data for reports.

How You Can Prepare?

This tool is coming sooner than later, so you want to shift your strategies as you look to 2020.

Begin to consider new options for targeting your audiences. You most likely won’t have the ability to run re-targeting campaigns in the same way you do now. They can’t be dependent on Facebook data.

You can make a few tweaks, though. For example, if you are running a re-targeting campaign to show users who watched a video an ad, ensure that your follow-up time is short. Because users may not clear their history all the time, your re-targeting ad may slip in.

Run more lead ads. Create custom audiences based on user’s emails after they complete your forms.  You can then segment your custom audiences.

To Conclude

The tool may help with Facebook’s security and privacy concerns and make them more transparent, but experts wonder at what cost.

While this tool may be beneficial for Facebook users, it’s going to make in a dent in Facebook’s revenue as well as that of Facebook marketers.

Facebook marketers will need to think hard about how they connect with their followers and build on relationships without the targeting currently available.

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Image: Glen Carrie on Unsplash