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What Kind Of Tone Should Your Business Take With Social Media?

What Kind of Tone Should Your Business Take With Social Media?

Social media accounts for your business help you to connect with your audience through the internet, but in order to create a real connection, you need to find your voice. Your business’ social media needs to be consistent with whatever image you’re trying to portray, be it casual, serious, sentimental, or anything else that comes to mind. This can help you figure out the tone for your social media pages.

Social Media is a Conversation

The interactive aspect of social media makes it different than a typical advertisement, which doesn’t allow for people to directly comment or otherwise engage. Your posts can set a tone for a conversation. If you want to focus on the importance of family togetherness, you can post videos or photos that relate to such matters and ask questions such as “What is the most important reason for family members to support each other?” The responses you get can help to keep the conversation going and possibly spread to social media users who weren’t aware of your business before then. You can also show your appreciation by “liking” or responding to select comments. Should you have an especially great post, it can be spread all around the internet and net you lots of positive attention along with a lot more subscribers. You should also be thinking about what your followers want to see. Sharing posts from other sources is another great way to get engagement with low effort on your part.

Knowing What to Say

There are some topics that need to be handled very delicately when on social media or, better yet, not discussed at all. If something seems to have the capacity to offend no matter how you put it, it’s best that you don’t include it. On the individual level, there are negative side effects of social media that you want to avoid causing your followers to endure. Politics is a good topic to avoid, especially if your business is one that has no connection to that topic. You can also make a guide for your social media team about what sort of topics and wordings are off-limits. Social media needs to be about respect as much as it needs to be about engagement.

Trial and Error

If your posts aren’t getting a lot of traction, it might be because they feel too anonymous. Remember that social media voices take time to be developed. Brands that have signature voices have grown into them after testing less successful ones. First, try out whatever voice feels right to you and give it some time to catch on. If it’s been some time and nothing is happening, consider how you can adjust it. Make this a gradual transition so that it doesn’t seem like you’re being too wishy-washy with your posts. It might also be good to hire a consultant who can get your posts to a place where people are drawn much more quickly to them.

Using social media passionately and not just as a formality with your business can lead to far greater enjoyment and creativity. You can work with your marketing department to decide what kind of language and phrasing is best for your brand. Through this kind of effort, your business can gain a greater social media following and possibly an increase in profits.