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Top 5 Social Media Trends Dominating The Year

Top 5 Social Media Trends Dominating the Year

Without a doubt, social media is constantly changing and evolving.

It has become one of the most powerful communications tools there is. People rely on it to stay in touch and keep updated on news and events, businesses use it for marketing and branding purposes, and platforms are always adjusting and emerging to meet demands.

Below is a list of the top 5 social media trends that dominated 2015.  Has anything changed from then to now?

1. Ello: A New Social Media Platform

Ello is a new social platform has emerged that was created to compete directly with Facebook. The platform has been called social network for hipsters—it promises no ads forever and to never sell user information to third parties. According to the site, “Ello is a revolutionary ad-free social network where you can be whoever you want to be, and where beauty and positivity are valued over manipulation and exploitation.”

There’s been a lot of buzz about it because of its ‘anti-Facebook’ stance and ‘you are not a product’ vibe, but engagement on Ello doesn’t seem to be very high at this point. But, it’s definitely a trend to follow in terms of numbers and engagement. Because of its viewpoint that “collecting and selling your personal data, reading your posts to your friends, and mapping your social connections for profit is both creepy and unethical,” it is catching on in some circles. You can check it out here.

2. Increase In Facebook Ad Pricing

Facebook post reach has significantly decreased, which has become a major challenge for businesses using the platform for marketing their products and services and reaching potential customers.

Facebook knows what it’s doing. Think about it. As the platform continues to limit the number of posts followers of the page can see, demand for promoted posts and ads will increase. Businesses will have to use them. And, increased demand equals increased pricing. Pricing for 2014 was up 10% over 2013—and this trend has continued into 2015 as organic post reach is decreasing.

3. Mobile Devices

Mobile phones allow a great way for companies to provide stellar customer service through the entire purchase journey, including texts, push notifications or product recommendations within apps.

Additionally, mobile devices have a worldwide penetration of 93%, so social networks are constantly updating and adjusting their mobile performance. Social apps are one of the most used features on mobile devices, so 2015 is seeing increasingly optimized social media sites with geo-targeted, real-time content being a big focus of digital marketing strategies.

4. Social Video

Social videos via Instavid, Vine and Snapchat, for example, is trending this year and is a new and creative way to market products and services. You can really grab people’s attention by sharing a compelling audio-visual story.

Also, vlogging or video blogging is another big trend and effective way to use video to get the word out on products and services. Do some research and consider partnering with a vlogger in your industry.

And then there is social video like Periscope that is live video (and you can watch archives). It’s like your Twitter feed, but with live video.

5. Private Messaging

Private messaging has been around for awhile, but there are new options that are hot trends that businesses should check out for their potential for customer interaction.

Allowing for different content formats, companies are beginning to use platforms such as Snapchat and WhatsApp for live coverage of industry topics. Millions of people use private messaging, and this year many companies are taking advantage of its reach and implementing it into their social media marketing strategies.


Businesses should be paying close attention to trends in social media and trying out new ways to reach customers. It can be difficult to keep up, but it’s necessary because customers are increasingly tech savvy and rely on social media in many ways in their lives.

It may not be enough to only have Facebook and Twitter accounts; research other social media platforms and methods based on these trends!

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