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Tips For Re-purposing Content

Tips For Re-purposing Content

You spend hours writing a blog just to use it in one email and one social media post.

Is that frustrating? Would you like to find more ways to use your content?

In this article, we look at tips for re-purposing content so you can extend its life and get more out of it.

Re-purposing content lets you give it new life and reap the benefits of it for months and months.

Your Content is Valuable

Recycling your content is good for business, and it’s a good use of your marketing dollars.

In addition, when you recycle or re-purpose your content, you’ll find the following is true:

  • You can reach a new audience. For example, if you turn your blog post into an infographic, you might reach a new group of people who prefer visuals over text. Or, you might take that same blog post and turn it into a video. This allows you to reach more people with the same content.
  • Re-purposing content allows you to get the most out of your work. For example, you wrote a blog that required hours of research. You certainly want to use it multiple times. Recycling content allows you to do this. It might just be that sharing that same blog three months later produces greater results.
  • You can revise and refresh content months or even years later to make it relevant for a new audience. For example, you have a popular piece of content that worked well for you in 2013. You can revise it, making it popular for a new generation.
  • Re-purposing content allows you to reinforce your message. The Marketing Rule of 7 says people need to see or hear your message seven times before they’ll make a purchase. When you re-purpose content, you allow customers another avenue to access your content.

Now let’s look at some tips for re-purposing your material.

Video Tutorials

Remember that webinar you hosted several months ago? It went great, but it was only for a limited audience.

Why not take what you taught in the webinar and turn it into a video tutorial? Then, you can post it on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms.

The video tutorial is also useful on your website under your how-to videos. 

Blog Posts

Take a look at some of your blog posts. Are they simply lists of things with a brief summary under each list item?

If so, consider making new blogs out of each list item. You are essentially breaking out each item on your numbered list. Do remember to link back to the main article though.

This allows you to really flesh out your original article, adding more detail and information. 

Complete Guides

Let’s say you sell hot tubs, and you’ve written a series of blog posts on how to take care of them.

You might turn all of these blogs into a guide called “The Complete Guide to Taking Care of Your Hot Tub.”

This allows you to re-purpose your content into a larger downloadable piece that you can market in many ways across the Internet.

Pinterest Board

Take a look at your blog posts and find the ones with a lot of images.

Then, go to your Pinterest page and create a board out of the images. Consider dedicating a whole board to the images from one blog post.

You can do this many times for various blog posts. 

Final Thoughts

We’ve looked at tips for re-purposing your content. But, perhaps you’re wondering just what content should be re-purposed.

When using content again in the same way or in a new format, it should be your evergreen content. This is content you create that remains continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers.

So, you don’t want to re-purpose outdated content. Only recycle content that’s evergreen so that it’s valuable and relevant to your audience into the future.

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 Image: Dose Media