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The Power Of Questions For Your Social Media Strategy

The Power Of Questions For Your Social Media Strategy

There’s no doubt about it – asking questions boosts your social media marketing. When you ask questions, your social media platforms see more audience engagement.

Social media is all about making meaningful connections with your audience. Yet, many businesses aren’t sure how to go about it. There is one nearly guaranteed way to increase engagement – ask questions. Let’s talk about the power of questions for your social media strategy.

Why Do Questions Work?

If you’ve ever landed in a room of strangers at a conference and found yourself mingling with a stranger, then you know the power of questions to start and keep the conversation going. The same holds true on social media.

Questions let you start a dialogue with your social media fans just as you would in person. A study by social media author, Dan Zarella, says asking questions is the best way to elicit comments on your Facebook page.

You’ve probably heard how important a call-to-action is. Think of the social media question as an open-ended call to action. Your request for an answer can spiral increasing your engagement sparking more comments.

Not all questions have the same effect. Let’s look at the various types of questions you can ask on social media.

The Open-ended Question

Open-ended questions are ones that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. This means your followers have to think a minute to answer the question. The open-ended question takes up more of your social media follower’s time, so it lets you know how invested your audience really is.

The Closed Question

The closed question is one that can be answered with yes or no. For example, “Are you buying a new house this year?” Your follower spends little time answering this question, and you might see your comments increase with this type of question because it requires little on the part of your fan.

The General Question

We talk a lot about sharing relevant content on social media and inserting “the sell” infrequently. The general question is a straightforward way to get your fans to engage without trying to overtly sell them something. For example, you can ask, “Who is your favorite child actor?”

This type of question is easy to answer and contains little pressure.

The Brand Question

This type of question is similar to the general question, but it should be related to your brand. For example, if you sell jeans, you could ask a question like this: “Should you wear white after Labor Day?” This relates to your brand, yet it still isn’t overtly sales-oriented.

Other Types of Questions

Here are a few other types of questions you can ask for your social media strategy:

  • Opinions
  • Comparisons
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • What’s your favorite…?
  • Would you do …?
  • Who is the…?
  • Use words like who, should and would. They generally get more comments than questions asking how and why.

What If You Don’t Have An Audience?

These ideas all sound great, but what if you don’t have a lot of followers to pose questions to? You can use hashtags in your posts to find audiences.

Be sure and choose the right hashtag to target your audience. If used correctly they’ll help you spread your content and increase your brand’s visibility.

Last Thoughts

Social media posts with questions get more comments than other posts, but they also generally receive fewer likes and shares. It’s a bit of a trade off, but not one that hurts you. When people answer your questions on Facebook, they are actively engaging with your brand which is a very good thing.

Before posing questions blindly, make a plan. Harness the power of questions for your social media strategy. Design a month’s work of questions. Use pictures with these posts. Think about your followers interests and how you can tap into them with your questions.

Lastly, when your customers comment, make note of it. This is valuable insight into your followers and their interests. It will help you craft interesting posts in the future.

Not sure how to use questions for your social media strategy? We can help. We post content that’s valuable to your social media fans by researching your followers and asking meaningful questions.

Not only will we curate content from your website and publish information about your products and your services, we’ll ask the right questions to help increase your page’s engagement.

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