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The Best Tips For Amplifying Your Facebook Video Reach

The Best Tips for Amplifying Your Facebook Video Reach

If you are currently using Facebook as one of your social media platforms, you may have noticed that organic reach has been declining.

In fact, one study shows your post’s average organic reach is only about 6.4% of your page’s total likes.

While this is frustrating for many business owners, Facebook is still the top dog when it comes to social media. It’s a place you want to be.

So, how do you counteract this? One of the best ways is by posting videos on Facebook. Because they’re so important to your reach, we look at the best tips for amplifying your Facebook video reach.

Leave the Sound Off

Auto playing video sound annoys Facebook users.

Consider that most people scroll through Facebook in public. Whether they’re at their desk at work, in class, in a restaurant, or other public place, they certainly don’t want to announce they’re watching a video. And, they don’t want to disturb others.

Add Subtitles

Do remember that most of your viewers are watching your video with the sound off, so provide visual cues and relevant subtitles.

While it may seem counter-intuitive because good audio goes with good video, in a Facebook video, sound isn’t nearly as important as your visuals.

With more than 85% of videos being watched with the sound off, you need to speak to your viewers through your imagery and your subtitles.

For example, if people are speaking, add subtitles for narration. You can also add them to simply narrate your video.

Bottom line – optimize most of your videos for silent viewing.

Use a Square Format

Most people watch Facebook videos on their mobile devices. Because of this square videos with a 1:1 ratio are better for smartphone users.

A square video takes up more of the viewers screen, making it easier to watch and thus increasing reach and engagement.

Be Attention Grabbing

You have about three seconds to grab your viewers attention.

If people aren’t attracted to your video in those few seconds, you’re going to lose them and decrease reach.

Put your most interesting shots right at the beginning of your video to grab their attention. Then, they’ll be compelled to watch the video.

Post Native Video

Facebook will reward you for publishing videos to their platform instead of linking to YouTube videos.

Native Facebook videos play right in your followers’ feeds, and they play automatically when a user scrolls to it.

On the flip side, when you share a link to a YouTube video, users have to click on it.

Your reach and engagement rates will be better if you publish native video because Facebook’s algorithm will reward you.

Use Facebook Live

Live video helps you not only amplify your reach but create a more personal relationship with your Facebook audience.

What’s more, Facebook gives priority to live video in your customers’ news feeds. Facebook tells consumers that people spend three times the amount of time watching video when it’s live.

Your followers want something that’s fresh and new, and live video allows you to give it to them. And, once it’s done, you can still get traction from the recorded Live video.

Final Thoughts

The final way you can amplify your Facebook video reach is by paying to play.

Facebook is increasingly reducing organic reach, so for the  privilege of better reach, many businesses find that Facebook ads are the way to go.

Finally, consider also writing description titles and descriptions for your videos that encourage users to watch. At the end of each video, include a call to action as well.

Now it’s time to highlight your best video. Take the tips listed here and watch your reach increase.

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Image: Austin Distel on Unsplash