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Platforms That Use Hashtags

Platforms That Use Hashtags

The hashtag is so important is was added not only to the Oxford Dictionary but to the Scrabble Dictionary. It’s so vital in today’s society and such a part of everyday life that you can bet the younger set isn’t even familiar with its previous terms: number sign and pound key.

Because the hashtag is integral to your digital marketing strategy, in this article, we look at platforms that use hashtags and best practices for each.

First, let’s look at what the hashtag is.

Decoding the Hashtag

The official definition of hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#) used in a social media message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and to enable a search for it.

In other words, the hashtag is a way of categorizing content on social media.

For you, this means that people can discover more content from your business. It lets them find all the relevant info for the topic that interests them.

For example, if you organize 20 posts under the hashtag #SkiColorado, your content will show up among all the other businesses using this hashtag.

The multi-faceted hashtag allows users to connect with other users based on their common interest such as skiing in Colorado.

Now let’s look at the most popular platforms that use hashtags.


Use hashtags on Twitter to start a conversation and encourage others to join in.

The best practice on Twitter is to use just one hashtag per post as these generate the most engagement.

To locate hashtags on Twitter, simply use the search bar.


Hashtags on Facebook are best limited to one-two per post. Any more than that, and your business will look spammy.

On Facebook, users will click on your hashtag in posts to discover similar content.


Since Instagram is a visual social media platform, you can use hashtags there to organize all of your photos with the same hashtag into one stream.

Users use hashtags on Instagram to discover content and find businesses and people to follow.

Use as many hashtags per post on Instagram as you like. Why? There isn’t a universal number that works best for everyone. Your best bet is to test the number and see how it affects your engagement. Generally, less than five-10 is a good number.

Now let’s look at some best practices for hashtags.

Hashtag Tips

Using hashtags takes some thought and a bit of strategy. Here are some best practices:

  • Be specific. Use hashtags that make your content discoverable. Use words your customers are searching for.
  • Use the right hashtag on the right platform. For example, Twitter hashtags are focused on conversations, while Instagram hashtags are content descriptions.
  • Research your hashtags before using them. Make sure what you find matches what you’d like to hashtag. If not, or it’s inappropriate in any way, find another hashtag.
  • Find the most relevant and popular hashtags.
  • Don’t make your hashtags too long, or people won’t read them. Likewise, don’t try to be too creative, or you will end up with a hashtag your customers won’t ever find.
  • You don’t want to overload posts with hashtags. Your text does still matter.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve looked at the most popular platforms that use hashtags, here are a few tips for making them work for you.

First, you don’t want to hashtag everything. This tends to make your business look amateurish.

Second, hashtags, when used strategically, can help you organize content for your audience or help you piggy back off bigger, more popular hashtags.

When you use hashtags, it shows your audience you have something important to contribute to a particular topic. Use hashtags on your best content for the best results.

You’ll find that hashtags help brand your business, encourage engagement and even attract new customers.

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