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Pinterest – How You Can Get 10,000 Page Views In A Week

Pinterest – How You Can Get 10,000 Page Views in A Week

Pinterest is not only a social platform, but it’s a visual search engine. For most people, when they visit Pinterest, they’re going there to find something. Perhaps it’s a recipe, craft, new outfit, DIY project, or something else entirely.

You’ll even find people using Pinterest instead of Google when they’re looking for something specific.

For these reasons, Pinterest is a great tool for many businesses and a superb way to increase your website and blog views.

Let’s look at Pinterest and how you can get 10,000 page views in a week.

Using Pins

When most people want to increase traffic, they simply add a pin when they publish a new blog post.

Then, they sit back and passively wait for traffic to come to them. This isn’t the best tactic for getting 10,000-page views in a week.

To succeed using Pinterest, you first have to know what Pinterest wants from your business page. Ultimately, Pinterest rewards people who provide a great user experience. When you do this, you’ll find your page views increase. Here’s how.

Use Group Boards

You’ll find one great way to appear in people’s home feeds is by getting your pin pinned for a certain topic that people are interested in.

While this can happen organically, the best way to do this is through Group Boards. They are the single best way to grow your Pinterest account and increase your page views.

Think of Group Boards as a way to increase foot traffic on your Pinterest page. You want to get more people in front of your “store” and walking in the door.

You can get more people on your Pinterest page when a bigger fish showcases your pins on their page. By being there, you can leverage their audience.

Leverage Someone Else’s Audience

A lot of people have been successful with Pinterest over the years, and they have hundreds of thousands of followers. If you can get your boards and pins in front of their audience, you’ll increase your views.

To do this, you use Group Boards. This works when someone in a Group Board sees a pin you posted in the Group Board and decides to re-pin it.

This one act sends that pin out to thousands of people in the pinner’s audience. Once that happens, you’re on your way to tens of thousands of page views.

Leverage SEO

Since Pinterest is a visual search engine, you want to also use SEO to get into user’s home feeds.

It’s another way you’ll get more page views. To use SEO, follow these tips:

  • Use keywords in your Pinterest profile
  • Make sure your Pinterest name and description includes keywords related to your business
  • Use keywords and phrases that encourage people to follow you
  • When crafting your pins, again, make sure they include detailed descriptions filled with keywords – conduct keyword research to see which ones are the most searched for

Plan Your Pins

Creating great pins requires some forethought, especially if you’re trying to get 10,000-page views in a week.

Create pins with high quality images that are eye-catching. The ideal pin size is 735×1102.

In addition, you want to use headlines that grab the reader and make them want to read more. Consider headlines that start with numbers (10 ways to…), headlines that use how to phrases or why you should do something phrasing.

Finally, make sure you’ve created the appropriate boards for your business. Consider what people might be looking for in regard to your niche and make a plan for your boards.

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to increase page views on your blog and website, use these suggestions to jump start your marketing strategy.

Depending on your niche, be patient, make a plan, and get started.

You’ll find that Pinterest is a terrific marketing platform. Users can like and save your content, and more importantly, you can direct them back to your website.

Pinterest can be your answer to digital marketing is you fully understand its potential and use it beyond the everyday usage.

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