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Pinterest For Business – Is It Worth The Investment?

Pinterest For Business – Is It Worth The Investment?

Social media. Those two little words sound simple enough.

Yet, for many small businesses, you may wonder which platform will work best for you. You might be trying to decide which platform your current and potential customers use.

In this article, we look at Pinterest for business and ask the question, “Is it worth the investment?”

Through this article, we discuss the ins and outs of Pinterest to help you decide if it’s the right platform for your business.

Pinterest is Searchable

Just what is Pinterest? In a nutshell, it’s very similar to Google. Perhaps that’s because one of its co-founders used to work there.

Most Pinterest users visit the site to search for something or to look around at things that might interest them.

Pinterest users on this visual scrapbook platform are predominantly female. They browse Pinterest boards for inspiration for things ranging from recipes to home décor to vacation spots and more.

Boards are collections of pins. For example, if you own a pool construction company, and a user is interested in building their own backyard pool, they might have created a board of pool ideas. Your goal is to land on their board.

Users then “pin” their favorite products so they can save them on their own Pinterest account. The pin is actually an image that users add to their own private boards. These pins allow them to link to the website with the information.

Often described as a virtual pin-board, Pinterest helps users organize everything they search for and fun, interesting, exciting, unique and inspiring.

Now, let’s look at some reasons why Pinterest can be worth the investment.

Pinterest Stimulates Purchases

When people are perusing the millions of Pinterest pins, they are actively engaged. They are usually looking for something, and they are most likely on Pinterest trying to decide what product or service to buy.

A recent study shows that an enormous number of people on Pinterest – 87% – have purchased a product because of Pinterest, and 93% have used Pinterest to plan a future purchase.

Pinterest Gets People to Your Website

Pinterest can promote your business if you manage to get pinners back to your website. The ultimate goal of your online marketing is to get qualified leads to your website where they ultimately take an action.

Each pin should have multiple links to your website, so you want to encourage pinning and repining of images from your website.

When creating images for your website, think about how you’ll get users to pin them. Make it easy for your website visitors to pin your sites images by adding the Pin It button to your website.

That’s when it all comes full circle. Website visitors pin your images from your website. These land on Pinterest where someone sees them, which leads them to your website.

Pinners are Interested

Lastly, people on Pinterest are interested and engaged. They are eager to connect with businesses.

When they’re using Pinterest, users would rather follow their favorite business and not their favorite celebrity.

You can see how Pinterest is worth the investment because people are hungry for information on Pinterest.

Final Thoughts

With more than 100,000 million users, 85% of whom are female, Pinterest just might be worth it for your business.

While most industries can make Pinterest work for them, you want to remember some of these key take-aways when deciding if it’s for you.

  • Consider the product or services you sell. Can you see them on Pinterest?
  • Is your website set up properly so you can drive Pinterest traffic to and from it?
  • Look at the Pinterest categories. Do you fit?
  • If your customers are mostly women ages 18-54, or if this demographic group makes the major purchasing decisions in your industry, Pinterest is the place to be.
  • Don’t discount men – they are the fastest growing group on Pinterest.
  • Are you willing to produce visually appealing images for Pinterest? These get the best traction.

So, if you want Pinterest users to find your products and services, and you think you fill a niche for these users, give Pinterest a try.

Many businesses like retailers, home decorators, restaurants, salons, spas, landscapers and many more can benefit from the opportunities Pinterest provides.

Finally, investing your marketing efforts on Pinterest can pay off in the long-term. Why? Pins last forever which means your content has a long shelf life.

So, if you create high quality content with longevity, and you optimize your website for clicks, Pinterest can be a valuable tool in your digital arsenal.

If creating a Pinterest strategy is too time-consuming and confusing, and you’d like some help publishing your content while developing your brand and nurturing the relationship between Pinterest and your business, we can help. We’ll provide customer-focused and engaging posts that encourage trust and a connection with your business.

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Image: Maliha Mannan