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Part 2 – What Not To Do When You Outsource Your Social Media Management

Part 2 – What Not To Do When You Outsource Your Social Media Management

In Part 1 of our series, we looked at what you should do when you outsource your social media management. We talked about making social media a priority by letting someone else take charge.

Because social media is so important to your overall branding and how people view your company, you want to be careful when choosing the team you put in charge of handling your social media marketing.

So, in Part 2 of our series, we take a look at what not to do when you outsource your social media management.

Don’t Work Without a Budget

Outsourcing your social media costs money. So, you want to set a realistic budget. The more channels you want to cover, the more money you’ll want to allocate.

In addition, if you’re going to advertise on your social media platforms, this is a separate budget item.

You don’t want to outsource your social media management without a very specific budget in writing.

Finally, you want to set in place a regular review of your social media insights with your outsourced team to evaluate your ROI (return on investment).

If you aren’t seeing the ROI you’re looking for, talk with your team and make a plan for increasing it.

Don’t Ignore Content

When you outsource your social media, it can be easy to delegate all content creation to the team and forget about it.

This isn’t a wise decision. Generally, your outsourced team is highly-skilled and more than capable of creating great content while also monitoring your social media platforms.

But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of the content that’s shared on your social media platforms.

Oftentimes, you can request a publishing schedule at the beginning of the month. You can review the scheduled posts as well as the scheduled ads.

By looking it over, you can make sure the content is how you want it. Remember, you are the expert in your field, so you know best if something is missing and should be added.

Don’t Forget to Check References

Trusting your outsourced social media team is important. The most effective way to do this is to check references and look at online reviews.

This is the best way to find a team you trust to carry out your social media activities for you.

Get to know your outsourced team. Make sure their vision of your company’s social media strategy aligns with yours.

Trust goes both ways in the outsourced relationship, so make sure you begin with a strong foundation.

Don’t Neglect Priorities

What’s important to you when it comes to social media? What are your goals?

Do you want to focus on branding, relationships, promotion or a bit of all three?

Make sure your social media team knows your priorities, so they can develop a strategy with your goals in mind.

Don’t Overlook Expectations

The most successful relationships are based not only on priorities but shared expectations.

Make sure your in-house staff and your outsourced team know who is responsible for what. Ensure they are all on the same page when it comes to deadlines.

Weekly and monthly timetables are a must for content and ad creation. If you want to approve posts, set deadlines for your outsourced team a week before the posts are set to be scheduled so you have time to review them.

Final Thoughts

When outsourcing your social media strategy, you’ll have a better chance at increasing your results if you use S.M.A.R.T. goals.

This means instituting a social media strategy that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and bound by time-related accountability.

By using S.M.A.R.T. goals, you ensure that you and your outsourced team know what’s expected and how you’ll get there. Your social media plan is readily accessible by everyone, and you’ve set some time-bound goals to assess how it’s working.

Use S.M.A.R.T. goals with your outsourced team, and you’ll ensure everyone has the right tools to boost your social media reach, engagement and presence.

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