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Is Linkedin Becoming The New Facebook?

Is Linkedin Becoming The New Facebook?

Marketers the world over are using social media to grow their business, which begs the question – is LinkedIn becoming the new Facebook?

View of Facebook

Facebook is at the top of the social media pyramid with well over one billion users. We know that Facebook was created as a social platform – a place where users could share photos of their families and friends, vacation shots, humor and inspiration.

Facebook is the place on the Internet to connect with old friends and new.

It also quickly morphed into a place where businesses could promote their products and services as well. Facebook is a place where brands quickly learned they could use Facebook to their advantage as did professionals looking to make connections with a broader hiring audience.

Yet, these career-minded individuals got frustrated with Facebook’s lack of professional identity, and they left for LinkedIn. Let’s look at the rise of LinkedIn and see if LinkedIn is becoming the new Facebook.

View of LinkedIn

A man attached to both LinkedIn (co-founder) and Facebook (financial backer), Reid Hoffman, said, “Post your business and professional updates in LinkedIn, post your personal updates in Facebook and everything in between, in Twitter.”

Begun slowly in 2003, LinkedIn attracted attention and startup funds and grew quickly until 2006, when it achieved profitability as the social media platform for professionals and companies. LinkedIn became the place to cultivate professional relationships and network with like-minded professionals and businesses.

The Numbers

We can make a case for each of these social media platforms. First, let’s look at why Facebook is the leader. The case for Facebook staying atop the social media heap is the very general nature of Facebook. It caters to a larger audience and can create more opportunities for the casual users as well as the professional users.

Facebook’s larger appeal – think its more than 1.5 billion users – makes it the leader compared to LinkedIn’s only 380 million users.

Facebook is continually launching new tools, thus it caters to the ever-changing tech landscape.

Now for the case of LinkedIn becoming the new Facebook, and thus the leader of the social media world. First of all, LinkedIn has its strengths.

According to Bloomberg, LinkedIn’s new products geared toward salespeople and advertisers are paying off, and profit estimates for 2015 topped forecasts. In addition, user growth climbed nearly 25% and continues to rise.

Where investors are concerned, LinkedIn continues to be a worthwhile investment for committed long-term investors. LinkedIn persists in its domination of the professional avenues of social networking.

LinkedIn, as the power player in the job search and professional hiring process, isn’t going away. Their user base will continue to grow as more and more people use it to further their career.

Look for LinkedIn’s advertising potential to increase its reach with businesses who look to showcase their products and services. LinkedIn will continue to thrive due to its importance to job seekers and professionals.

What’s more, LinkedIn recently introduced new apps for recruiting, job search and sales navigator – this app is for salespeople looking for leads and help managing their clients.

The Bottom Line

So, is LinkedIn becoming the new Facebook? Through our research and our experience, we believe the answer is no.

That being said, both Facebook and LinkedIn have profitable business models, and they each dominate their own areas of the social media arena.

Facebook does enjoy a bigger and broader set of opportunities due mostly because of its general social nature and exponentially larger user base.

The ultimate bottom line is that both Facebook and LinkedIn have a place in our social lives. They are both avenues for increased profitability for your business. They can both help you create an arena to share information, engage your customers and cultivate relationships.

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Image: Kevin Curtis