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Is Twitter Still Worth The Effort?

Is Twitter Still Worth the Effort?

Rumors abound. Misinformation has plagued the social media platform. Some businesses have even left it never to return.

But, should you? Today, we pose and answer the question, “Is Twitter still worth the effort?

Is Twitter on the Way Out?

In a quarterly report, Twitter remains optimistic even though they have faced backlash for their large number of fake Twitter accounts in relation to political interference in the last presidential election.

Because of this, Twitter has struggled financially.

Yet, Twitter is also a top social media platform, so it’s not necessarily on its way out.

Twitter Still Works

With more than 335 million active monthly users, you can see that people use Twitter. These are even the same people who support your business, and Twitter users are generally loyal.

Because of this dedicated user base, you can use Twitter to grow your business not only through tweets but using their advertising platform.

Twitter for Search Engine Optimization

Your SEO benefits when you use Twitter.

If you have an active blog, Twitter is a great way to send links to your content. This takes Twitter users to your website, enhancing your SEO. You have the opportunity to send new customers as well as returning ones to your website.

One of the biggest benefits for SEO is that Google lists tweets at the top or near the top for many top brands.

For example, do a search for Whole Foods, and you’ll find a carousel of the businesses’ latest tweets.

When your tweets reach the top page of Google’s search engine results, you can take up most of the page with your tweets, map listing and website listing.

To help you succeed on Google, make sure your tweets use targeted keywords, especially when you’re linking to content on your website.

Also take a look at your Twitter bio and make sure you add key words and key search phrases. Then, be sure to use them every so often in your tweets.

This lets Google know if your tweets are relevant to specific search queries.

twitter carouselHow to Get a Twitter Search Carousel

Wondering how to get your own carousel? Here’s how:

  • Tweet frequently.
  • Encourage Twitter users to interact with your tweets.
  • Have at least a couple hundred followers who interact with you.
  • Increase engagement. Don’t tweet out sales announcements or things about you. Tweet things of interest to your audience.
  • Interact with other Twitter accounts. Have conversations. Get involved.
  • Tweet the right content. This is the content that gets likes, retweets, and replies.
  • Use popular hashtags.
  • Always include either a meme, photo, or video.
  • Use emojis, but only use the ones that enhance your users’ experience not detract from it.

Tips for Staying Relevant on Twitter

Twitter still works, and we’ve gathered some tips to help you make the most of the platform.

First, if you’re going to use Twitter, you really have to use it. Twitter is an active platform, and tweets should be numerous and in real time.

This is how you stay in front of users. Don’t forget to use hashtags as these are vital to your Twitter usage. When you use Twitter hashtags you help ensure that users can find your content into the future. Otherwise, tweets get buried.

Best practices say tweet at least seven-fifteen times per day.

Next, know your audience. Talk with them in an engaging, conversational tone. Comment, ask questions, follow people who follow you.

Finally, use videos in your advertising. Twitter video ads should be a part of your marketing strategy as they boost engagement, help you tell a story, and engage Twitter users.

Final Thoughts

Sure, Twitter has its issues. And, the future may not be clear, but in today’s digital age, who knows what platforms will be the “it” ones in a year.

What we do know is Twitter is still relevant for your social media marketing. Their user base is dedicated, and millions of people are using Twitter.

Bottom line – you should still persevere with Twitter for its marketing and search engine optimization benefits.

As long as people are tweeting on Twitter, you should be, too.

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