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Inconsistency Is Damaging Your Social Media Presence

Inconsistency Is Damaging Your Social Media Presence

Social media is an integral part of your overall branding for your business. As a pivotal piece of your digital marketing, it’s important to maximize your impact. This is where your consistency comes in.

Consistency is the key to your social media personality in many ways.

Because of the vital impact of social media, we’re going to look at ways inconsistency is damaging your social media presence so you can improve and increase your results.

Inconsistent Brand Voice

You want to make sure that your brand voice is consistent on each social media platform.

The brand voice that you decide upon as a company should be the same across all of your platforms whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or another platform. Does your content need to be the same? No, it doesn’t.

For example, you may post different things on Facebook than you do Instagram simply because Instagram doesn’t allow linking in posts. Or, you may post about the same topic on Facebook and Twitter, but you may phrase it differently all while keeping to the same brand voice.

In addition, when responding to comments on social media, your voice should again be the same. Your brand voice is a direct reflection of your company, so this should be decided by you as the owner or in consultation with your managers.

Then, whoever is doing your social media posting and management needs to abide by your set social media standards.

Inconsistent Imagery

You’ve determined your brand voice, and you know how you want your social media platforms to sound, but how do you want them to look and feel?

This is where your visuals come in. Yes, each social media platform is different, but you do want to use graphics that have a cohesive look and feel. Always use your logo. When creating cover photos for the various platforms, resize your graphics so they work for each individual platform.

Also, keep to your brand standards when choosing colors, fonts, and other design elements. Reach back to your website and tie it to your social media platforms with imagery as well.

Inconsistent Posting

The worst thing you can do on social media is be inconsistent.

Let’s say for two weeks you post every day on Facebook. Then, all of a sudden you decide to stop posting for two weeks. Your audience is going to forget about your company very quickly.

In our increasingly busy society, if you aren’t staying front of mind, you will disappear in the minds of your customers.

Either hire someone to take care of your social media for you or set aside some time each day to take care of it. Consider creating a social media schedule that helps you schedule regular posts. And, don’t forget to check your accounts daily to respond to comments and questions.

Final Thoughts

Inconsistency hurts your brand and your social media presence.

When you’re inconsistent across your social media platforms, people aren’t able to recognize your brand, they become unsure of your company, and then they move on.

Not only does consistency improve your overall branding, it instills loyalty and engenders your customers’ trust. It’s important to be intentional with your social media presence.

Make sure that all of your platforms have unifying imagery. While your messaging can be different across platforms, you do want the same brand voice.

Finally, keep posting and communicating with your audience for the best results. Don’t let time sit between posts or you risk the relationship you’ve been working so hard to build.

If you’d like some help developing your brand and nurturing the relationship between social media ad your business, we can help. We’ll provide customer-focused and engaging posts that encourage trust and a connection with your business.

We are here for you when it comes to your social media posting. We’ll study your brand and create posts that work with your overall social media posting strategy. Learn more about our services and how we can create engaging content that your customers will enjoy and appreciate.

Image: Tim Bennett on Unsplash