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How To Use Social Media To Get More Email Subscribers

How To Use Social Media To Get More Email Subscribers

Building an email list that is full of engaged, interested people is an important marketing tool for your business. In fact, a common slogan is “The money’s in the list!”

Why is email marketing so important?

First, email is personal. It lands in the inner sanctum of your customer’s inbox. You can even personalize the email so it comes addressed specifically to the customer. Second, email is an opt-in marketing tool. This means that customers really want to hear what you have to say. Lastly, email delivers a big punch on ROI – studies show as much $44 for every $1 spent!

Social media is a great place to grow your email list using your current followers and converting them into long-term customers.

If your email list is stale and not showing active growth, take a look at this article. We’re going to tell you how to use social media to get more email subscribers.

Create Twitter Lead Generation Cards

When you add a Twitter Lead Generation Card to your Tweets, you make it super easy for people to join your email list without ever having to leave Twitter.

To create a card, write a very short description of what someone will get if they decide to join your email list. Include an attractive image and a strong call to action.

When the person clicks to expand your Tweet, they’ll see your offer and call to action. Plus, all of their contact info is pre-populated by Twitter, so all they have to do is click to send you their information.

You can then print a CSV file later with all of your leads. In addition, Twitter integrates with many CRMs such as InfusionSoft and SalesForce as well as email service providers like Mail Chimp.

Add a Simple Sign Up Form

One of the easiest ways to get more email subscribers through social media platforms like Facebook is to add a simple sign up form.

For example, many email service providers have an app you can use to add a sign up form to your Facebook page. On some platforms, you’ll need to add a link to your website’s sign up form in your about us or bio section.

Create Gated Content

You’re probably familiar with those little pop-up boxes on websites that prompt you to hand over your email address in exchange for a white paper, an incentive like a coupon or infographic. You can do the same thing on social media.

Present the offer on your social media page and include a call to action and link to your landing page. Upon arriving, they’ll immediately find an email sign up form.

Host a Contest

This is a popular way to build your email list. Facebook is by far the most popular place to use contests, but you can also try Twitter, Instagram and others.

Host a contest involving some type of giveaway or drawing to increase your email subscribers. Contests are easily shared on social media, so you’ll have that added benefit.

A tip – don’t host the contest right on your timeline because that makes it next to impossible to collect email addresses. Use a third party app such as Offerpop to run your contests so you can print a CSV file of all your subscribers.

To Conclude

Email is one of the best way to reach your customers and nurture them by providing engaging content and actionable offers. When you use social media to get more subscribers, you’re leveraging the power of social media to drive one of the best online marketing tools – email.

Lastly, when using social media to get more email subscribers, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Make your call to action clear
  • Tell them exactly what they’ll get if they sign up
  • Include a special offer or “gift”
  • Make your sign up form prominent
  • Monitor and test your sign up forms

Would you like some help using social media to get more email subscribers? Are you ready to leverage social media, and you’d like some help? We are here for you. We listen to your customer’s social media conversations and post content that’s valuable to your followers. We research them and their interests and ask meaningful questions.

We take social media posting very seriously as a way to create loyal followers and get more email subscribers so you can stay top of mind the next time they’re ready to make a purchase.

Learn more about our services and how we can create engaging content that your customers will enjoy and appreciate.

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