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How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Products

How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Products

If you own a small business you hopefully started using social media as part of your marketing plan.

It’s important for you to have a presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn—millions of eyes are on these sites on a regular basis. But there’s another social media platform you should also consider: Pinterest.

Pinterest is an online “pinboard” that is driven entirely by images and videos. In fact, you can’t share anything on Pinterest unless an image or video is included. Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has its own lingo:

  • Sharing an image on Pinterest is called a pin.
  • Sharing someone else’s pin on Pinterest is called a repin.
  • Your pins are grouped together by topic or category onto various pinboards in your profile. Each board looks like an actual pinboard.

Individuals use Pinterest to share ideas about things that they like. For example, many brides turn to Pinterest for wedding ideas—decorations, cake, food, dresses, bridesmaids dresses, jewelry and so on. The images can help spark a unique approach and creative solutions.

Leveraging Pinterest

Businesses should have Pinterest profiles as a key promotional tool for their products and services. They can use it to feature customized product collections, share images from events and show customers using their products.

Here are some specific ways you can use Pinterest to strengthen your brand online and drive interest to your company and products:

1. Showcase Work

You’re able to visually show your expertise by posting work you’ve done and how it helped solve a specific issue.

Pinterest is all about images, so you can upload pictures of projects you’ve done recently and ones you’re working on now. You can also ask a few of your loyal customers if they’d give video testimonials about your work.

2. Generate Sales

When you upload images of your products, you can add a price banner (put a $) in your pin description. Then you link back to your website where you provide a longer description about the product along with information on ordering.

3. Brand Building

Image sharing via Pinterest allows people to see your company’s culture and personality.

By providing visuals, you’re able to show people what your company is all about—and that can really put a friendly face on your brand. This can help establish your brand as trustworthy, and not just in words.

4. Visitor Interaction

A great way to engage your visitors—and show off your products at the same time—is to run a contest. You can drive people to your Pinterest via your other social media profiles (or even a banner on your website), announcing the contest and asking them to pin their favorite projects/products/designs you’ve created.

Then you choose finalists and encourage people to vote for what they like best—the winner gets some kind of giveaway. Involving your audience gets them to talk about you, your company and your products.

5. Events & Trade Shows

If you’re participating in upcoming events and trade shows, you can use Pinterest to give visitors a sneak peek of your stand, show products you’ll be featuring at the stand and tell them where you will be and when. You can also pin images and videos of past exhibitions to demonstrate why people should come to your stand.

Events are usually very visual so recapping events and reusing that visual content is perfect for Pinterest users. You could even take photos during the event and publish them in close to Real Time to keep people engaged that might be at the event.


The key is to be creative with Pinterest. With 72.8 million people using the site—and growing—it’s a great way to visually show off your business. Videos are also powerful, so definitely leverage customer testimonials, which go a long way when people are researching companies and products.

What are you waiting for? Start pinning!

Image: Flickr