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How A PR Strategy Can Help Your Business (And Your Social Media Strategy)

How A PR Strategy Can Help Your Business (And Your Social Media Strategy)

It used to be that PR and marketing each had their place in a business’ organizational chart. Today, those lines have blurred so that you might find yourself asking the question, “Is PR social, or is social media PR.”

The answer to that question isn’t always clear cut. PR and social media have many intersecting points.

That’s why we’re going to talk about how a PR strategy can help your business and your social media strategy. We’ll discuss how they can meld and join together to work for your best benefit.

Just what is PR? It’s what you do to maintain a favorable public image. It’s also the relationship between your company and the public. Now do you see how PR and social media dtrategy intersect and overlap?

Here’s how a PR strategy can help your business and your social media strategy:

Don’t Underestimate Its Importance

Public relations can be one of the most effective ways of communicating the value of your business to the marketplace. It’s important not to underestimate its importance. PR is an art that requires strategy, patience and consistency.

Is your company making news? Are you generating buzz? What are you doing in your community? Do you have a new hire or a new product? These are the types of things you should promote.

When you have a PR strategy, you can organize your news and plan how you’ll disseminate the information in a timely and interesting manner.

In today’s digital age, we are constantly bombarded with news 24/7. If you don’t have a PR strategy, you’re missing out on getting your information to the masses. When you have a PR strategy, you can incorporate your social media strategy into your plan and get your news out.

PR is Inexpensive

Don’t have a huge budget? That’s okay. PR is a relatively inexpensive proposition. Press releases don’t cost anything if you write them. You can even look online for templates to help you. Press releases sent to the right channels can get your business free exposure.

In turn, posting on social media is very cost effective. With your PR strategy in place, you can identify, highlight and promote your news with ease.

Plus, once you’ve honed your PR strategy, and the news outlets are responding to you, you’re free to share their news about you on your social media networks. This is free publicity!

It’s Packed with Credibility

People are conditioned to ignore advertisements simply because they see so many of them. But, with PR, you’re providing something interesting and something of value to your audience.

Consider the trusted news outlet that sees your press release and decides to promote it. You now have their credibility standing behind your information. This helps your social media strategy as well. When you use PR, and it works, you can then cross promote the news outlet’s information on your social media channels thus validating its importance to your audience.

The Intersection of PR Strategy and Social Media Strategy

To conclude, let’s talk more about how these two strategies can work in tandem.

Traditional PR revolves around the press release and building relationships with the right news people. PR in our digital world encompasses not only the traditional avenues, but blogging, guest blogging, social networks, podcasts, apps and more. Each one of these can be a component of your public relations strategy that incorporates writing, communications, community relations and media relations.

PR and social media are both methods of communication.  It’s important that the folks handling your PR and your social media can communicate well. The other thing to consider is tech savviness. The person handling your PR may not necessarily be tech savvy.

This makes your PR strategy even more important as it relates to your social media strategy. Your tech savvy social media manager can use your company’s PR strategy to drive your social media message.

Lastly, always remember when your business gets media coverage to share the news on your social media channels to maximize your audience.

Are you ready to incorporate your PR strategy with your social media strategy?  Social media is a great place to build and nurture relationships as well as extend your PR strategy. If you’d like help integrating your PR strategy with your social media platforms, we can help. Learn more about our services and how we can help you get the most out of your social media marketing.

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