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Give Your Team The Power To Be Your Online Advocates

Give Your Team The Power To Be Your Online Advocates

Your company has a dynamite social media presence, and it’s growing. Your social media presence is growing so much that you need to enlist the help of a team.

It’s time to unleash your staff members and set them free to promote your brand. You want to turn your team into an army. Yet, you must be careful when sending this team out to promote your business on multiple social media platforms.

In this article we look at how to give your team the power to be your online advocates and at the same time stay true to your brand.

This team is going to represent your business, so you must make sure they are passionate about your brand, can work together as a team and follow the guidelines you set forth.

Let’s get started talking about how to give your team the power to be your online advocates.

Step 1: Choose Your Team

There are many ways to create your social media team. You have to choose what works best for your company and your budget. Here are several roles you can consider when creating your team. Some roles can be combined if needed, or you might find you need multiple designers.

  • Social Media Manager: This person manages the social media team. They lead the discussion on social media strategy, creating and managing it and overseeing that all social media is going according to plan.
  • Community Manager: This person nurtures your online community. Their job is to establish and grow your online relationships. They create strategies to encourage engagement and conversations. They work to grow your social media presence and participate in conversations.
  • Digital Designer: If you have the funds for this, an internal designer can be a key player. They make sure your visual campaign assets, photos and videos are appealing and stick to your brand concept.
  • Social Analyst: This person is an expert at your insights, analytics and reporting. They are an A/B testing guru. Not only does this person create reports, but they tell you how to improve them. This person may be the same person who does this for your website.
  • Care Manager: If your business is large enough, this person may handle all of your customer care/service requests that come through social media.

Step 2: Create a Policy

With so many people involved in your social media, you need to create a policy around what they can and can’t do. To encourage more buy-in, sit down with your team and work on the policies together.

Why do you need a policy? A policy is helpful because it provides posting and visual guidelines for employees. It provides for PR disasters. It gives you the steps to take if one of your team members tweets something awful.

The most important reason for a social media policy is so your team members know what is and isn’t appropriate material for your social media platforms.

Your team must be clear on how your company wishes to be portrayed in the social media arena.

For example, your policy may say no negative comments about competitors are allowed. Or, perhaps, you only want to use photos created by your digital designer.

Your policy can also define your tone. Will your brand’s voice be austere, silly, serious or something else? What do you want to emphasize? How will you keep your tone consistent? Consider adding a tone guide.

Since you’ve involved your team, they will be more cohesive with implementing your policies. Just remember to re-visit the policy several times a year as things may have changed.

Step 3: Define Your Strategy

Now that you’ve got your team and your social media policy, you can work together to define your strategy and unleash your employees.

It’s time to set your goals and your objectives. What do you want your team to accomplish? Is it their job to gain new followers, drive sales or both? Will your social media be a place for customer service?

You want your strategy to work with your company goals and include tactics that can be measured and reviewed.

You want to know how, when and what you’ll post. Here’s where you’ll create your social media calendar of posts and times.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have two people or 10 on your social media team, it’s important to choose the right people who love your company and will follow your policies and strategies when it comes to your social media platforms.

Lastly, when giving your team the power to be your online advocates, you want to implement some checks and balances. There should be a staff member at the top of the social media chain overseeing your content and making sure everything is staying true to your policies and objectives.

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