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How To Get Creative With Your Social Media CTAs

How to Get Creative with Your Social Media CTAs

Click Now. Share Now. Learn More. Get Pricing. Watch. Buy Now. Download.

These are all examples of calls to action (CTAs).

Have you ever wondered what makes your social media followers actually click on one of your CTAs to read your blog post, watch a video or buy your product?

Do you know which CTAs perform best for your business?To help you fine tune your CTAs to drive customers to your end goal, let’s look at how to get creative with your social media CTAs.

Use a Strong Verb

The first thing you want to do when crafting a creative call to action is to use the best verb possible.

Your verb choice should be strong while conveying the true sense of what you want your social media follower to do.

For example, if you want your customer to download something, you don’t want to say, “click here.” Be very specific and say, “Download your coupon now.”

Give Them a Reason

Another creative way to attract more clicks is to give your followers a reason to click.

For example, let’s say you share a video recipe on Facebook. Tell your customers what’s in it for them if they watch it.

Here are a few potential reasons:

  • Watch now and be ready for your holiday party.
  • View now and have the best weekend meal.
  • Download now and save to your recipe list.

You have given your customers a reason to watch the video that tempts them by offering to fulfill their needs.

When creating your calls to action, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask the question, “What’s in it for me?”

Appeal to Emotions

Today’s customer is driven by emotion. In fact, appealing to your customer’s emotions is a proven way to earn the click.

Make an emotional connection, and the click-through is certainly yours.

For example, if you sell hot tubs, your CTA might read, “Vacation in your own backyard today!” or “Relax like you’re on vacation.”

Not only have you used a strong verb, but you’ve appealed to your customer’s desire for a relaxing vacation.

Take your CTA one step further by adding an exclamation point – this encourages enthusiasm. Don’t use any more than one exclamation point, though, as one is always sufficient and more than one borders on harassment.

Take Advantage of Urgency

No one wants to miss out, so when you get creative with your social media CTAs, you can put time frames or a sense of urgency on them.

People are motivated by urgency, so if you have a special that’s short-lived, be sure to use a CTA that conveys that.

For example, “Shop today – $1000 off hot tub promo ends Tuesday!”

You’re playing on their fears of missing out which works a great deal of the time.

Final Thoughts

We’ve looked at how to get creative with your social media CTAs, but we also want to emphasize the follow-through.

This means ensuring that your landing page maintains the same wording, imagery and emotion that your CTA did. Continuity is key.

Your landing page should be consistent with the CTA.

If you steer your customer off course with your landing page, you’ll confuse them and lose the ultimate goal of your CTA.

It’s also good practice to test your CTAs. If they aren’t working, and they aren’t generating clicks, it’s time to revise them and test again for the best results.

Take a look at some things to measure when it comes to your social media CTAs:

  • Impressions – this is the number of people who see your CTA.
  • Click-throughs – this is the number of people who take your desired action.
  • Click-through rate – this is the percentage of people who clicked out of the number of people who actually saw the CTA.
  • Completions – this is the number of people who clicked on your CTA, went to your landing page and took the desired action.

Use these statistics to revise your CTA as necessary to increase your numbers.

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 Image: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash