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How Facebook Is Boosting Search Results For Video Content

How Facebook Is Boosting Search Results For Video Content

Does your video strategy focus solely on YouTube? If so, it’s time to take a long, hard look at Facebook.

You might know that video is on the rise. That’s certainly true on Facebook, especially since the launch of Facebook Live streaming video.

What’s more, just this statistic alone is enough to send many companies running to Facebook video:

With five new Facebook profiles created every second, the time for video is now. It not only increases your reach but connects with your users and drives business.

In this article, we look at how Facebook is boosting search results for video content.

Native Video

Videos convert.

This is especially true when you post videos straight to Facebook.

In the past, it was customary to share a YouTube video link on Facebook.

Now, Facebook’s algorithm favors native video. They want you to post directly to Facebook and not share from YouTube.

You’ll find that your native Facebook videos are given preference to shared videos from other platforms. Facebook will show video from its own player in your user’s news feed before it shows other video.

So, upload your videos directly to Facebook to boost search results and get the most exposure. But, don’t forget to post them to YouTube as well, as this is still valuable to your marketing strategy.

Mobile Video

On average, U.S. adults spend one hour and 16 minutes watching video on their mobile devices.

This means that the majority of Facebook video views happen on smartphones.

Why is this important? It again speaks to reach and the number of people you can attract through native Facebook video.

If your post gets engagement, it will reach more people. Posting your videos to Facebook is a great way to increase your post’s reach.

Now that we’ve looked at how Facebook is boosting search results for video content, let’s look at the best types of video to share.

Types of Video

The best video is the one that resonates with your audience, and you have to know them in order to create the right video. To help you, take a look at some popular types of Facebook video.

  • The Inspirational Video – this type of video definitely gets more shares and engagement because it has the ability to tug at the heart strings. When crafting this video, be real and true and don’t offer a sales pitch.
  • The Educational Video – give back to your audience with an informative and educational video. This is your chance to teach your audience while establishing yourself as the expert in your field.
  • The Entertaining Video – here’s your chance to show off your fun side. Consider an inside look at your business, employee highlights and humorous stories. Be unique and entertaining for the most shares.
  • The Live Video – the popularity of live video isn’t going away soon. It’s a great way to get your message out in a live format. Plus, after the broadcast is over, it lives as a video on your Facebook page. This is one new trend to try, but do make a plan first.

Facebook videos are highly usable, as you can also embed them in your blog posts. They land there along with all comments and interactions. This is a great tool for spicing up your blogs.

Final Thoughts

We’re going to leave you with a few particulars in regards to how Facebook ranks your video.

Facebook uses several factors and signals when determining how useful your video is to users.

Here are a few of them worth noting:

  • Whether the video is live – Live Streaming Video gets prominence
  • How many users turn on the sound
  • If they go full screen
  • How many people turn on high-def
  • The percent completion – how much of a video is watched

When it comes to video length, Facebook believes the best length is however long you need to tell your compelling story or engage viewers. This, of course, depends on your topic.

The best way to know the proper length and content for your videos is to check out your Facebook Page’s video insights section to learn what’s best for your audience.

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Image: Jakob Owens