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Are You Updating Your Social Media Enough?

Are You Updating Your Social Media Enough?

How much is too much? How much isn’t enough? These are questions asked by social media managers every day. You’re in luck. Much research has been done on the topic right down to what times of day are best.

So, are you updating your social media enough? In this article we’re going to discuss some general statistics on the right number of social media postings for each channel.

It’s important to remember, though, that the frequency of your social media posting is based on your industry and your audience insights. While one company may find that posting every day at 5 pm works for them, you may find that Wednesday – Friday at 5 pm works, but for the rest of the week an early morning post is more successful.

LinkedIn says social media frequency is about predicting, measuring and repeating. Test your posts on social media at different times of the day to find what works best for your business.

With that being said let’s find out if you’re updating your social media enough:


According to Facebook, the goal of the news feed is “to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time so they don’t miss the stories that are important to them.”

Yet, according to Facebook Engineering Manager Lars Backstrom, 1,500 possible stories from friends and Pages are filtered everyday on an average Facebook user’s News Feed. With that staggering number, it’s never been more important that you update your Facebook page on a regular basis.

One study tells us just how much you should post to Facebook. They say two Facebook posts per day is the maximum you should strive for. One is just fine, two is okay, but any more than that, and you’ll see likes and comments start to drop off.

A few other things to remember about Facebook:

  • The average Facebook post has a lifespan of about three hours.
  • The best days to post (for most) are Thursday-Sunday.
  • The best time to post on weekdays is 1-5 pm.
  • The best posts are short and visual.
  • Nearly 75% of adults in the USA who use the Internet are on Facebook

Don’t forget to look at your Facebook insights. Look at when your users are online and post then. Once you find a posting strategy that works, consider posting at the same time every day.


A different platform altogether, Twitter can handle a more constant posting frequency. While some say the sweet spot is tweeting 4-5 times per day, other say up to 15 times per day or once per hour works for them. Aim for five times per day or more with your tweets as a goal.

A few other things to remember about Twitter:

  • The average tweet has a lifespan of about two hours.
  • Companies with 1000+ followers get 6x the traffic.
  • Businesses that tweet 4-5 times per day saw 2x the number of retweets than folks who tweeted once per day.
  • The best time to tweet is 1-3 pm.


Most people agree that you should post consistently on Google+. Aim for up 1-5 times per day on Google+ and post during the late morning and early afternoon.

The exact frequency, as with other social networks, relies on the type of audience you have. Take a look at your analytics and experiment with frequency and time of day.

Since Google+ is like a mini blog, concentrate on your headline and your quality images. Most people will look at your headline before deciding to continue on.


Since LinkedIn is full of business professionals, they spend most of their time on the site during the work week. Posting during the week is your best bet. If you post 20 per month (1x per weekday), you’ll reach about 60% of your audience.


Post multiple times per day on this social network – up to five is the recommended number. Try to post between 2-4 pm and 8-11 pm. Weekends are often the best time to post on Pinterest.

The Take Away

If you’re like most businesses, you could probably update your social media more often. Strive for at least every day on each of your social media platforms. Using the guide set forth here, aim for multiple times per day depending on the social media channel.

Lastly, the quantity and the quality of your social media updates matters. It’s not good enough to just update your social media, but you need to balance your posting with the information your audience wants.

Social media is a great place to nurture customers. If you’d like help with your social media posting, we are here for you. Learn more about our services and how we can help you make sure your updating you’re social media enough.

Images: Rosaura Ochoa