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Why These Apps Work Best For Scheduling With Instagram

Why These Apps Work Best For Scheduling With Instagram

Are you thinking about expanding your social media platforms from the usual Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? If so, Instagram is a good bet.

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a natural fit for your social media marketing, but the thought of adding yet another thing to your daily to-do list may have you wondering if you can fit it all in.

This is where scheduling apps come in.

While one of the best things about Instagram is posting photos as they’re happening, you will find a plethora of Instagram automated posting tools to help you boost your presence and direct traffic to your website.

Let’s look at some automated tools and discuss why these apps work best for scheduling with Instagram.


Tailwind began as a publishing app for Pinterest, but they now include Instagram scheduling.

Like other Instagram publishing apps, it can’t post directly to Instagram for you, but it does send push notifications to your mobile phone with your post details. It then requires you to finish the task.

Unique to Tailwind is their Smart Schedule functionality. The app actually tells you when the best times are to post as it looks at your Instagram account.

So, your posts go live when your audience is the most engaged and the most likely to participate with your content and click through to your website. 

Tailwind also monitors trends and activity so you can learn what posts work best.

The app lets you know your key performance indicators, number of hashtags and more. 

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With Later, you can organize your weekly and monthly visual content at a glance and do your planning in calendar view.

One of the best things about Later is that you can preview your posts as they’ll actually appear.

You are also able to sync from your computer, phone or tablet as well as Google Drive and Drop Box, saving you time.

Additionally, you’ll appreciate the team collaboration features allowing you to streamline the work.

Later does comply with Instagram rules. 

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This social media scheduling tool lets you easily automate your Instagram posts, using both photos and videos, while tracking analytics to see how your audience is growing and how followers are engaging with your content.

Buffer helps you schedule your posts so you hit your target demographics at just the right times.

You can even set a consistent, regular schedule to make sure you stay in touch with your followers and provide the best content.

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram doesn’t allow outside apps to post directly to Instagram for you, so Buffer creates a reminder for you and sends a notification to your smartphone with your photo and caption.

It’s saved to your phone’s clipboard for easy pasting into Instagram.

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If you’re selling online, this app goes a step further than just allowing you to post.

With this mobile app, you can create, schedule and posts photos and video on Instagram that include links to your products or services online. 

This drives shoppers to your Ecommerce website so they can complete their purchases. 

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While this isn’t a scheduling app, we’re adding it to this list because this app helps you find appropriate hashtags for your posts.

Use this app to search for hashtags that pertain to your business. Then, the app gives you a tag cloud so you can pick a hashtag or two that work for you.

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Final Thoughts

With more than 400 million daily active Instagram users, this social media platform is a good bet for your business if sharing photos and videos works with your marketing strategy.

While Instagram may sound just like Facebook and Twitter, the difference is its focus on visual sharing and mobile phone usage.

To make your Instagram posting easier, leverage these apps that work best for scheduling with Instagram and start posting, sharing, commenting, liking and tagging today.

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Image: Hans Vivek on Unsplash