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Advertising On Facebook – Why You Don’t Boost Posts

Advertising on Facebook – Why You Don’t Boost Posts

If you’re a business owner who leverages Facebook as a place to create a community, grow your followers, engage with customers and build a relationship, you may have noticed your posts don’t reach as many people as they used to.

While Facebook doesn’t tell us exactly how many of your followers will see your posts, the organic reach of your content has decreased significantly over the last several years for most of your posts.

So, how do you fight this problem and stay on the most popular social media platform? You fight it with Facebook ads. This pay-to-play feature can greatly increase your reach and get your content in front of more people.

In this article, we look at advertising on Facebook, and why you don’t boost posts.

First, let’s look at the difference in boosted posts and ads.

Facebook Boosted Posts

You create posts for your Facebook page. If you want to increase the reach of these posts, you can boost them by setting a budget and choosing an audience.

For many people, this is the simplest way to advertise on Facebook. They are different from Facebook ads because they are not created in the Ads Manager, and you can’t customize them fully.

Boosted posts show in the News Feed of your audience as an ad. You can also choose Instagram as an ad placement.

Here are your options for boosting a post:

  • Choose an audience to connect with. The options are limited here, and you can’t target as highly as you can with ads.
  • You set a max budget.

Facebook Ads

While boosted posts are ads, when you create ads through the Ads Manager, you have very advanced customization solutions at your fingertips. You can pick from multiple advertising objectives and goals.

Facebook Ads can help you reach more specific audiences. You can target different goals like website conversion, leads, shopping, and more. They also allow you to allocate your budget in more specific ways. You can even split tests ads through the Ads Manager.

Here are your Ads Manager options:

  • You can choose different ad placements. Your abilities increase here, and you’re able to choose from Instagram, Facebook News Feed side ads, Messenger ads, Instagram stories, instant articles, the audience network, and more.
  • A significant difference here is that you can specify ad objectives. This helps you choose goals like website clicks, page engagement, promotions, store traffic, conversions, and lead generation.
  • The control is all in your hands. You can create multiple different types of ads and provide specific calls to action. In addition, you can have many formatting options to meet your needs. For example, you can even decide what time of day your ads run.
  • Another thing you can do is target your audience. With boosting you can set interests, age, and gender. When you use ads, you can add to this and target unique audiences, look-a-like audiences, conduct website remarketing, and more.
  • With ads, you have the power of retargeting your website visitors. For example, you can target all the people who visited a specific page on your website and even those who abandon carts.

Choosing an Ad Type

Unless you have no time to create a Facebook ad, steer clear of the easy way and don’t boost posts. You can’t control your spend as well or fine tune your targeting and objectives.

If you want to have all the control of your ad, the Ads Manager is really the way to go.

Final Thoughts

The best ads you can run on Facebook are through the Ads Manager because you simply have more control. What’s more, you will have a better return on your investment (ROI).

Facebook created the Ads Manager with your ROI in mind. Their algorithm was created to lure people to your ad’s call to action.

If you’re looking to fine tune your marketing and increase sales, get more people on your website, and further the reach of your posts (you can create ads for them, too, in the Ads Manager), ads are the way to go.

If you’d like some help developing your brand and nurturing the relationship between social media ad your business, we can help. We’ll provide customer-focused and engaging posts that encourage trust and a connection with your business.

We are here for you when it comes to your social media posting. We’ll study your brand and create posts that work with your overall social media posting strategy. Learn more about our services and how we can create engaging content that your customers will enjoy and appreciate. 

Image: Con Karampelas on Unsplash