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7 Rules For Engaging Your Customers Online

7 Rules For Engaging Your Customers Online

Inspiring your customers online is integral to your overall business strategy.

But, just how do you inspire and engage your customers online without being overly pushy?

How do you bring your brand to life while relating on a personal level to your customers?

In this article, we look at seven rules for engaging your customers online so you can cultivate and nurture long-lasting relationships.

#1: Personalize

The most important rule for engaging your customers online is to personalize your message.

Digital platforms such as social media are for providing content that your customers and followers find useful, valuable, interesting and worth their time.

You’ve got to listen to your customers and really hear what they are saying. Then, take the information and give them what they need.

When you send emails, personalize the content. Send them pertinent information that matters to them. If someone purchased men’s boots from you, don’t send them a blog article on women’s fashion.

You’ll go a long way towards building customer trust and loyalty by personalizing their experience and showing that you care. Engaging your customers online is all about relationship building, and personalization is the way to go.

#2: Respond to All Customer Feedback

Another very important rule for engaging your customers online is to respond to each and every customer review.

This means thanking your customers for positive reviews and responding to the negative ones.

No business gets everything right all the time, and when you do run up against a problem, do your best to respond in a kind, empathetic manner.

Likewise, if you actively solicit customer feedback through email, your website, social media or a survey, be sure to act on it and then follow up with your customers letting them know that you did.

Customer service should be your top priority online.

#3: Share Exclusive Content

Reward your loyal customers with content prepared just for them.

For example, you might offer them your latest whitepaper before anyone else gets it. Or, you could provide them with a coupon just for loyal subscribers of your newsletter.

Additionally, you could give them advanced access to your blog or specials on your website. This helps encourage customer loyalty and engage your repeat customers.

#4: Hold a Contest

Social media contests are fun and engaging for your customers. And, in the end, someone wins something.

Everyone one enjoys free things, and contests are a great way to grab attention and reward your followers.

Use the contest to get your followers to share on your social media page. For example, ask them to share photos of them using your product(s).

#5: Use Scheduling Tools

Another way to engage your customers online is to use scheduling tools on social media.

Apps exist to help you push content out to your social media platforms from one place. You can literally schedule a week’s worth of posts at one time.

Be careful with this technique, though. You don’t want to then “set it and forget it.” Pay attention to what’s going on and be sure to check in and comment daily.

#6: Tell a Story

The language and tone you use online matters. In addition to creating personal, custom messages, you want to pay attention to the words themselves.

You’ll find that some verbiage is more appealing to your customers than others.

Fine tune your headlines, subject lines and copy. Short is generally always better as your customers are visual scanners of information.

#7: Review Your Analytics

Do you know what content engages your customers online?

Use your analytics and insights to learn what’s working and what isn’t.

Pay attention to what content on social media illicits the most comments, shares and likes.

Then, use this data to create additional content in the future or republish great content.

Final Thoughts

Engaging with your customers and fulfilling their needs online can lead to increased spending by your customers. In fact, consumers who engage with you on social media spend more than 20-40% more than customers who don’t.

Be sure to follow these seven rules for engaging your customers online and watch your customer growth skyrocket.

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