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5 Unique Ways To Make Money With Pinterest

5 Unique Ways to Make Money With Pinterest

Are you using Pinterest? If so, you may already know that it’s a powerful social network based on the photos and information people are looking for.

Many users consider it their own bulletin board, showcasing their interests and bookmarking ideas, products, and services that interest them. You might even have a Pinterest page for your business with lots of followers.

If you really utilize Pinterest, you also know it’s a massive search engine for interested social media followers.

But, do you know how to increase your revenue with the platform? In this article, we look at five unique ways to make money with Pinterest.

#1: Leverage Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest ways to make money with Pinterest is through affiliate marketing.

This tactic is great because you are simply being rewarded for promoting the products and services that complement your business.

When you use affiliate marketing, you get a commission for every sale that comes from a referral link on your blog.

For example, if you build swimming pools, and you have a relationship with a business that sells pool toys, you might write a blog on your favorite pool toys. You’d then include a link back to the pool toys website.

For each sale that comes from your blog, you earn money. All you have to do is write the article, include the link, and wait for users to click.

If you get creative, you’ll find that the possibilities with affiliate marketing are endless. Do make sure that the products or services you are promoting work with your business goals.

You want to stay true to your audience and help them solve a problem, so be sure your links are applicable to your target market.

#2: Sell Your Products on Pinterest using Rich Pins

You can sell on Pinterest through Rich Pins. These are pins that allow people to purchase the products they see on the platform.

Rich Pins connect your website to your Pinterest account, and they’ll automatically change your product’s listing information on Pinterest when you update it back on your site.

You’ll find that pricing, availability and information are synced between both digital arenas, so you don’t have to update in two places.

There are tools available that show users the price of your item and help direct them back to your ecommerce website to make a purchase once they’ve pinned your Rich Pin.

#3: Sell Your Products on Pinterest using Shop the Look Pins

With Shop the Look Pins, Pinterest users can find and buy products right inside fashion and home décor pins.

You’ll notice that businesses may feature lifestyle images on Pinterest that have white dots on the image calling out different parts of the look. Users can tap the dots to shop each item separately.

When they’re ready to purchase, your customers can click through to your website to check out.

#4: Be a Pinterest Influencer

If your business page has a lot of followers and a high engagement rate, you’ll find that bigger brands are willing to pay for your influence.

When you become a Pinterest influencer, you negotiate the rate with individual brands. Your work may involve repinning the brand’s pins,creating pins for the rand, or inviting the brand to a group board so they can use your Pinterest reach.

This is a great way to connect the best pinners with brands and ends up helping you, too.

#5: Hold a Contest

Our last money making strategy involves holding a contest to build your email marketing list.

By holding the contest, you can link to your sign up form which allows you to obtain more emails.

This strategy requires some patience because you might have to email these Pinterest users several times before they start purchasing from you.

Consider your contest a gateway to future earnings.

Final Thoughts

With over 250 million active monthly Pinterest users, you can’t afford to neglect this platform. This is especially true if your audience is either in the Millennial age bracket or in the bracket of 30-49 year olds because these are the biggest Pinterest users.

Pinterest is a great channel for selling products, and you’ll find the average dollar per transaction is quite good. This is because Pinterest users aren’t there to see what their friends are doing. They are on the platform to find something they need or want.

At the very least, you want to showcase your products and services on your own boards. Consider selling on the platform as well using pins or ecommerce platforms like Shopify.

Don’t forget the opportunities for affiliate marketing as well.

Finally, Pinterest is an easy platform to use and even simpler to make money with. Consider these tips, get started, and watch the revenue roll in.

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