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5 Tips For Creating A Fool Proof Social Media Strategy

5 Tips for Creating a Fool Proof Social Media Strategy

As a small business owner, diving into social media can be intimidating and often overwhelming. With so many platforms to choose, deciding what content to post, and how to allocate your time, you may think it isn’t worth it.

Well, social media is worth it for your brand, and you can be successful. Check out these five tips for creating a fool proof social media strategy.

You’ll find you are soon a seasoned pro handling your social media platforms and building relationships with current and potential customers.

#1: Pick the Right Platforms

You don’t have to be everywhere when it comes to social media.

Research your audience and your target market. Find out which platforms they spend their time on.

In addition, do a little research on the available platforms. Not everyone is relevant for every business. For example, if your market skews older, say 50+, SnapChat is not a platform you need to worry about.

Once you’ve picked a platform or several, dedicate yourself to making them work for your business. Create a content calendar, deciding which content you’ll share where.

It’s always a good idea to start small so you make sure you have the time to be consistent. Once you get the hang of it, you can always add more platforms.

#2: Create a Plan

Flying blind from day to day is never a good idea on social media. You want to have a plan. This means knowing your goals and what you’ll do to meet them.

For example, do you want to build relationships by sharing how-to content? Do you have an event to promote? Would you like to add new followers?

Once you know your goals, you’ll be better able to create the content and schedule it.

#3: Be Consistent

One of the most important components to your fool proof social media strategy is consistency.

In fact, this is vital to your success and key to making social media work for you.

You need to post on each of your chosen platforms every day. In addition, you need to monitor your followers comments, questions, and reviews and respond to them promptly.

Social media means everyday involvement, even on the weekends. While you can use a scheduling tool to schedule your posts, you still have to check in every day to respond to people.

Social media is just that – social – and if you set it and forget it, you won’t be as successful as you could be.

#4: Optimize Your Profiles

This is one of the easiest things you can do, but many small businesses neglect this small task.

This means completing all of the about us sections on your social media platforms with engaging copy that really tells people what you offer and why you offer it. It means using your real business logo and an engaging photo for your cover shot that speaks to your brand.

Always include a link to your website in your profiles as well as phone number, address, and email address.

Use the same SEO keywords you use on your website as well for an added bonus.

You’ll immediately garner more trust and loyalty if your profiles are full completed and optimized.

#5: Monitor Your Results and Revise

You want to test, revise and repeat when it comes to social media. Use the built in analytics tools in the various platforms to gauge your engagement.

Know what content works and what doesn’t.

You also want to give it a little bit of time. You won’t have instant overnight success as it takes awhile to build a following, but you will get there.

Final Thoughts

Always remember your audience when creating content, and you’ll have a fool proof social media strategy.

Every piece of marketing should reflect your target audience. If your message shifts too far off, you may lose them. But if you stay on target, you’ll build a top notch following.

Finally, always be fine tuning your social media content as your audience may evolve over time, and you want to keep up for the best results.

If you’d like some help developing your brand and nurturing the relationship between social media ad your business, we can help. We’ll provide customer-focused and engaging posts that encourage trust and a connection with your business.

We are here for you when it comes to your social media posting. We’ll study your brand and create posts that work with your overall social media posting strategy. Learn more about our services and how we can create engaging content that your customers will enjoy and appreciate. 

Image:  JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash