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4 Hacks For Engaging Online With Customers

4 Hacks for Engaging Online With Customers

Are you ready to take your customer relationships to new levels?

In our digital age, this has never been easier. In this article, we look at four hacks for engaging online with customers.

You might be wondering what we mean by hack – when we talk about a hack, we’re describing a tip or technique that can save you time or money or make things better for your business.

Let’s get to the hacks for engaging your customers and increasing your business.

#1: Blog

Don’t let our first hack scare you off. Blogging isn’t as hard as it seems, especially if you make a plan.

Writing and creating blog content can be the pivotal piece to your online marketing plan and a great way to engage online with customers.

Why do we like blog content? First, it gets fresh content on your website which makes search engines happy.

When you create blogs, you do want to make sure you optimize the content for search. As users search for items online, you are effectively bringing targeted traffic right to your pages.

Second, you give people the chance to interact with you on your website.

Third, and our favorite reason is that blog content is very shareable. You can link to it from all of your social media platforms. It’s also great content to re-purpose and share later. You can even write new social media posts and share the content again.

Blogs are simply one of the most usable forms of digital content.

#2: Share Video

Sharing video on your social networks is a tremendous way to engage online with customers. Just consider that Facebook sees over 100 million hours of video watch each day.

By leveraging video on channels like YouTube and Facebook and including it on your website, you increase your chances of engaging your customers.

Videos also often rank higher in Google searches, helping your content make it to the top of search engine results pages.

When it comes to sharing video, you don’t need fancy equipment. Your smartphone can usually suffice.

Plus, you can make edits to your video on YouTube and then share the video on your website and other social media platforms.

#3: Post and Tweet

Social media is the perfect platform for engaging online with customers.

Yet, while it seems easy enough, and you probably already post and share on your own personal pages, some businesses don’t use social media to their advantage.

Engaging on social media isn’t about posting sale after sale. It’s not about asking your customers to shop with you.

The hack is to share the right content. Social media is about providing valuable, engaging content to your followers to encourage loyalty. It’s about establishing yourself as an expert in your field to build brand awareness.

Not only do you want to share original content, but you want to curate content from other sources. Show your followers that you want to provide the best information, no matter the source.

Talk to your social media fans like you’d talk to a friend. Engage with them, answer their questions and provide the answers for the best success.

#4: Use Email Marketing

Email is not dead. In fact, it’s a great way to engage online with customers.

The best thing about email marketing is that your customers have invited you in to their inner space. They want to see what you send them, and they are ready to engage with it.

When it comes to the hack with email marketing, you want to use automation to your benefit. When leads come in from your website, make sure they get into your email funnel.

Send customers a welcome email, and follow it up with several more engaging emails. Nurture these contacts, and you’ll soon find they are purchasing from you.

To Conclude

Now that you know four hacks for engaging online with customers, it’s important to remember that listening is another part of the equation.

To really engage with your customers, you want to listen to what they’re saying. This enables you to better meet their needs with content and provide them with things they find valuable and interesting.

Take a step towards increasing your business by using these tactics to better engage your customers online.

Engage your customers with a social media marketing strategy that drives growth. If you’d like help crafting posts that persuade and engage, we can help. We’ll provide customer-focused and engaging posts that encourage trust and a connection with your business.

We are here for you when it comes to your social media posting. We’ll study your brand, and create posts that work with your overall social media posting strategy. Learn more about our services and how we can create engaging content that your customers will enjoy and appreciate.

Image: Blake Wisz