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2018 Trends In Social Media You Should Be Aware Of

2018 Trends in Social Media You Should Be Aware Of

Competition for the attention of your audience is sharp, especially in 2018. Not only are your competitors vying for your target’s attention, but so are many other businesses.

You only have about eight seconds to grab someone’s attention, especially as they scroll through an amazing amount of content right on their social media platforms.

So, how do you stay relevant and engage your audience on social media? Let’s look at the 2018 trends in social media you should be aware of. These will help you connect with your audience throughout the year.

Instagram Stories are Here to Stay

Instagram is edging closer to the top spot in multiple age categories. In fact, their daily viewers of stories have surpassed that of SnapChat, the originator of the “story.”

You’ll find many businesses engaging in Instagram Stories to up the ante on their social media marketing, especially because of potential for engagement and the trackable metrics.

In addition, video is hot, and will continue to be. Using videos on Instagram Stories is key.

The Advancement of Generation Z

Just who is Generation Z? They are “post-Millennials or the iGeneration.” These folks were born between 1995-2014, and they process information faster than any generation that came before them.

They are technologically savvy, and they are more influenced by social media than any other age group. In fact, they value social media over price when making purchasing decisions.

Many of these people are entering adulthood with the purchasing power that goes along with it. Watch for them as you improve your social media content.

The Explosion of Live Streaming

If you do live streaming well, you’re well on your way to success.

In our digital age, your users are demanding more and more from you on social media. They want you to make them laugh, they want you to tell a story or teach them something.

In 2018, you’ll want to use live streaming to do these things. Take advantage of the robust possibilities with social media live streaming to engage and connect with your followers.

Online Hangouts Rise in Popularity

Along with live streaming and the buying power of Generation Z comes the rise in online hangouts.

This is certainly one trend to watch out for, and if you want to be on the cutting edge, use it to your own benefit.

Online hangouts are a place where people can video chat, instant message and more with brands, and those who leverage it will reap the benefits.

Social Media Selection is Important

Your brand doesn’t have to use all the social media platforms. First you want to use what works for your business. Second, you want to avoid overlap as much as possible.

For example, if your audience is mostly on Instagram, you may not need to use Snapchat. Since both platforms feature videos and highlight visual content, you might be better off concentrating on just one.

You’ll note more and more brands offering overlapping features this year as they all try to corner the market. Brands like yours will have to be more selective when deciding where to invest time, resources and marketing dollars.

How do you know which platforms are best for your brand? Use the analytics and reporting features right in your current social media platforms. Decide which one(s) are working for you and provide the best return on your investment.

Final Thoughts

You’ll find that staying on top of these 2018 trends in social media are important as you work to create or refine your social media strategy this year and into next.

Pick one to start with, try it out, revise, test and revise some more. Once you’re using one of the trends well, move on to the next.

Take your time, be thoughtful, do your research and see what works best for your brand.

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